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ME2WE Global provides high value coaching programs and tailored services to meet the growth needs of today’s leaders. We work with local and international People Leaders, and we help them develop the mindset and behaviors to effectively adapt to change, move through complexity, work in teams, create inclusion for everyone, and live a satisfying life.

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What does it mean to lead prepared?

As research highlights and most recent events confirm, these are the three areas of competence that have come to the forefront in today’s environment:




Adaptivity is about adjusting in a very intentional way; it means to respond to change while maximizing learning and performance; often, it is about a profound transformation that translates into meaningful effort.

In a culture that rewards action and shies away from reflection, leaders may act in "fast decision" mode to demonstrate leadership. But, at what cost?

At ME2WE Global, we define Adaptivity as the art of navigating transitions "from now to next" with clarity, purpose, and together with others. Adaptivity is a balancing act between preparing, designing, and acting.

Individuals and teams can learn Adaptive leadership if they focus on developing a growth mindset and mastering core competencies such as strategic planning, building relationships, emotional intelligence, and people development.



Inclusivity is about understanding differences AND figuring out how to harmonize them to bring people together and build more vital organizations. That is what we call true inclusivity at ME2WE Global.

Inclusivity, as research demonstrates, leads to a stronger sense of belonging and lower turnover, higher creativity and innovation, and more interconnected and collaborative work environments. Nowadays, good leadership needs to comprise the ability to build inclusive teams and organizations.

Individuals and teams develop Inclusive leadership when they work on self-awareness, awareness of others, emotional intelligence, cultural intelligence, openness, communication, and collaboration.

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Integration means creating alignment inside-out; it is about working collaboratively within the team and outside across the organization. It means to share a purpose, goals, and plans; to create efficient communication processes; to recognize and understand stakeholders; to welcome different perspectives and cultures; to find agreement into disagreement; to grow from the inside-out and the outside-in.

Integration is a practice in itself, and it supports Adaptivity and Inclusivity. An integrated organization is a catalyst for change; and, because of its nature, it creates inclusion.

Integration requires a systemic approach, and leaders can learn it by noticing the interconnections within their system and learning how to shape, strengthen, and respect them. A good dose of adaptive and inclusive leadership behaviors does undoubtedly help them.

*based on integration of research and data on leadership competencies (Deloitte, 2021, McKensey, 2021; Columbia University, Coaching Conference 2021).

These behaviors support individuals' and teams' effectiveness in today's world. They mark the difference between excellent and average leadership.

So do you want to be excellent or average?

An essential mindset supports such behaviors - a WE-centric mindset. To be adaptive, inclusive, and able to integrate, leaders need to think of themselves as part of their ecosystem (e.g., team, organization, community) and be aware of the impact of their action on the other parts.

Navigating complexity is not a solo journey, a ME-centric perspective. Instead, it is a group effort, a WE-centric experience.

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