Part of the complexity of today's work environment comes from the increasingly diverse workforce. Unfortunately, most people do not know how to behave in such a context effectively.They may unconsciously discriminate and marginalize those who look-sound-behave different from them.

From the organization's perspective, a well-designed DEI&B program (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging) is an essential tool to facilitate cultural transformation. It shows that the company truly values and nurtures a diverse workplace.
Because Diversity is a multidimensional concept, when planning a DEIB intervention, it is essential to understand which factors are at play and identify the needs and challenges that the organization, or group, is facing.

We work hand in hand with the key stake holders to design programs that best support the change they want to see happening in their organization.

We take them through 4 key steps: Declaring, Understanding, Setting Up, and Implementing.

Our InclusiWety program uses the well-researched Inclusive Behaviors Model℠. It helps individuals and groups develop a new mindset, attitudes, and behaviors around diversity and inclusion, and it empowers them to make change happen. DEIB practices come to life through emotionally intelligent leadership behaviors. Therefore, we infuse our program with Emotional intelligence principles, and we offer plenty of opportunities to practice such behaviors.

Our program is highly experiential and aims to take practice from the classroom into the real world. Result: individuals are engaged, change happens organically, and organizations grow stronger.

Through our program, we provide:


 A safe space to create awareness around unconscious biases.


The opportunity to identify key leadership behaviors to foster inclusion, and create a “personalized” action plan to make real change happen.


 The tools to practice such behaviors and learn to integrate different voices, ideas, opinions.

The design of the program is always a joint effort between the coach and the key stake holders, and it may include:


 Group sessions and individual sessions


 Inclusive Behaviors Inventory (IBI 3.0) assessment


Asynchronous learning activities and resources (articles, videos, podcasts,..)


Platform to organize communication and resources

Please get in touch with us for more information. Let us listen to your story,share our experience, and show you our research-backed-up approach.Together we can design the perfect program for you and your organization.