Mindset – The secret is in the questions

MINDSET – THE SECRET IS IN THE QUESTIONS One of the most recurring questions I get is: “How can I lead myself and others through change?, which leads to other questions such as: “How can I effectively manage those feelings of frustration, anxiety, and sometimes fear that everything will go wrong?”; “How can I create…

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feature_blob - happiness

We all Want to be Happy   We start this blog series with HAPPINESS, and the choice is intentional. Happiness is something we all want. As the Dalai Lama says, “it is the purpose of life”. So, as a global leader or expatriate, how can you be happy? Global and international assignments seem to provide…

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Intro to Emotional Intelligence (EI)

feature_intro to EI

The case of Emotional Intelligence   Why do I often lose control in meetings?  Why is it so difficult to listen to others?  Why do I get so frustrated and impatient?  Why don’t people take things as seriously as I do and make so many mistakes? Why is everybody so sensitive to my comments? Are some of these…

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EI: Self-awareness


The case of Emotional Intelligence  – Self-Awareness –   What is it? Self awareness is an internal process. As D. Goleman says, it is “knowing one’s internal states, preference, resources and intuitions”. The “knowing” indicates your ability to describe your likes and dislikes, to notice your internal reactions, to observe your body response and how your behavior…

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EI: Self regulation

feature_Self regulation

The case of Emotional Intelligence  – Self-Regulation –   What is it? Once you are self-aware (see previous post on EI) you can successfully self-regulate. While self-awareness is about noticing, self-regulation is about taking action. Self- regulation is defined as the “control or supervision from within instead of by an external authority; the bringing of oneself or…

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EI: Self motivation

feature_Self motivation

The case of Emotional Intelligence  – Self-Motivation –   What is it? As said (see previous posts), self-awareness is about noticing and self-regulation is about acting more consciously. Self-Motivation is about achieving. As D. Goleman says “If there is one trait that virtually all effective leaders have, it is motivation – a variety of self-management…

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EI: Empathy


The case of Emotional Intelligence – Empathy –   What is it? While self-awareness and self-regulation are about the “I”, empathy is about the “We”. In simple words, Empathy is the ability to be aware of what others think and feel and to deliver an appropriate response. Dr. Paul Ekman, a renowned clinical psychologist, distinguishes…

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EI: Social skills

feature_Social skills

The case of Emotional Intelligence – Social Skills –   What is it? Last but not least, Social Skills! This is where everything comes together: your self-awareness, self-regulation, empathy, and ability to remind yourself of the goal you are trying to achieve and why. Social skills come handy in every situation: life, work, one to…

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Mr. HABIT and global living   Relocating to a new country disrupts your habits and routines in many areas of your work and life. While moving abroad can be overwhelming and often frustrating, it actually represents a great opportunity to make positive changes and adopt new habits. In fact, relocation may help you break the…

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